Electric vehicles are environmentally preferable, studies revealed

According to a BBC report, Researchers have released new findings and data that will hopefully put harmful myths about electric vehicle emissions to rest. Studies from two universities in Europe found that electric vehicles are environmentally preferable in 95 percent of the world, and the only exceptions are in places that still rely almost entirely on burning coal to make electricity.

Renewable energy in general is in a transitional time, and this is perhaps best embodied by how many electric vehicles are hybrids that still use a small amount of fossil fuels—or a lot, if you’ve been running the Nürburgring in your Chevy Volt. Covering any emerging research or technology about electric vehicles, nuclear plants, or different kinds of solar farms can feel like playing Rock Paper Scissors, where everything must “win” over something else until they all form a circle.

“The researchers say average ‘lifetime’ emissions from electric cars are up to 70 [percent] lower than petrol cars in countries like Sweden and France (where most electricity comes from renewables and nuclear), and around 30 [percent] lower in the UK,” the BBC reports. This is a key point where critics of renewables have gotten hung up, because if you plug your vehicle into an electric grid that works mostly by burning coal, is that even better? As more and more places use renewables for some of their power generation, this argument has (pun intended) lost steam.

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