Battery electric vehicle sales in UK were outpacing hybrids – before Covid-19 struck

Sales figures for electric vehicles ( EV) for the UK. It seems that customers have got the message to go all-in on e-mobility by preferring battery EVs instead of electric and petrol/diesel hybrids – at least before the Covid-19 crisis turned the world on its head.

Personal car leasing price comparison platform LeaseFetcher has collected data from the government ‘s Department for Transport (DFT) and industry body the Society for Vehicle Manufacturers and Traders for a report on EV sales it claims will be updated quarterly.

The figures show how half-and-a-half plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (Phevs) were beginning to be shouldered aside by battery-only, Bev alternatives before Covid-19 lockout steps reached the UK. Then in March.

According to the report of LeaseFetcher, the entire U.K. Bevs accounted for 2.7 per cent of new car market share in January, 3.2 per cent in February and 4.6 per cent in March. Over the same period, Phev ‘s revenues decreased from 3.2% to 2.6%, followed by 2.7%.

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