Will Lockdown’s Lower Pollution Levels Lead To Higher Demand For EVs?

The lower emission rates during the lockout of the coronavirus could increase customer interest in electric vehicles.

The explanation for this is clear-people saw better air quality and quiet and can feel physically that electric vehicles will really have a significant effect on the world around them.

Of course, we must note that as traffic returns, as the complete transition from ICE to EVs is a long way off, the emissions will be still. In the best-case scenario, when up to 100% of new cars have zero emissions, it would still take years to replace all the old vehicles

A significant and honestly optimistic finding is that more people have opted to go walking or cycling, rather than use any vehicle.

The plug-in electric share went through the roof in April 2020, largely due to the weak ICE prices, and the Tesla Model 3 became the top model, irrespective of the powertrain.

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