The Future of the Electric Vehicles Market and the Impact of Clean Air Zones

Fleet demand and timelines for the introduction of electric vehicles are assessed by the “Electric Vehicles Report 2020”

With 88 percent of the largest fleets planning to buy EVs in the next 12 months, and more than half of the fleets planning to buy at least one EV by 2021, the momentum for electrification is clear. It is expected, however, that UK fleets will play catch-up on their infrastructure while expecting a raft of new electric car model releases that fuel trust in switching to electric.

SMEs are suggesting a cautious approach to EVs driven by the drivers of critical usage and prohibitive purchase price. It is important to understand how decision-making within organizations is affected by the implementation of Clean Air Zones cited as a primary reason for van fleets to consider moving to electric.

The “EV Study 2020” discusses the business logic behind EV adoption decisions, reasons to adjust and factors that influence communications. The study is designed to assist charting and infographics in landscape format. Over 300 online interviews were conducted with small and medium-sized companies and corporate fleets, while seven focus groups provide valuable insight into fleet switching requirements.

By 2022 businesses with fleets of all sizes expect to be ordering significant numbers of electric vehicles. Within three years, as many as 40 per cent of new vehicles could be electric in 50-plus car fleets.

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