Old Ambassador Modified Into an Electric Vehicle

Iconic HM Ambassador Gets an Electric Vehicle Makeover, Will Cost Just Re 1 Per KilometerWhile India is still warming up to the idea of electric vehicles, a few companies are developing electric kits that can be used to transform regular cars completely. The iconic Hindustan Ambassador has now become one such Indian vehicle.

A team of youngsters at He-Man Auto Robopark Pvt Ltd, located in Kerala’s Angamaly, developed an amby with EV properties.

The team bought an old Ambassador and removed the engine of the car completely. They then installed a new electric motor in the car.

As per the report, the electric motor is being powered by a pack of lead-acid battery that is kept in the boot of the vehicle. The electric motor has a maximum power of 53 Bhp and a top torque of 275 Nm. The car is powered by 22 batteries which form a 20kW source.

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