Nissan’s New EV Debuts Next Month


Nissan unveiled a sleek electric crossover, dubbed the Ariya, at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show. Given the way it looks, at the time, the crossover had already been close to production-ready. Now, we are going to see the final product in July, reports from Automotive News. Actually 15 July.

The Ariya design stood out when it debuted last October with its sleek headlights, three-dimensional grille pattern, chiseled body lines, low-slung roof and futuristic rear light gun. This offers a look into the overall design vocabulary of Nissan ‘s future. The style is a toned-down representation of Nissan IMx’s earlier version. The name “Ariya” appears to be much more suitable for a modern crossover; it dates back to ancient times, and Nissan said it evokes feelings of reverence and appreciation, as well as a sense of meaning.

The Ariya rides on Nissan ‘s new EV platform that is set to make its way to a number of future vehicles from the company. It’s unclear how much output the electric motor (or motors?) of the crossover would achieve, but Nissan promises “sports-car-like results.” The idea has inspired a pair of electric motors for what it is worth.

The Ariya adopts a minimalistic approach within. The cabin relies on touch-screens instead of a multitude of buttons and switches. A flat floor, open footwell, and thin instrument panel give an airy feel to the interior. Expect to see the Ariya feature the latest ProPilot driver-assist technology from Nissan.

The hybrid crossover is first going on sale in Japan, before finally making its way to the United States, Europe and China.

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