Linear Labs to build new electric motor plant in Texas

The City of Fort Worth and the Linear Labs electric motor company have signed an economic incentive package of $68.9 million.

Linear Labs plans to build a manufacturing plant of 500,000 square feet in the next 10 years to sustain thousands of new, professional workers. The Research and Production Center will also develop electric motors for EVs, robotics, HVAC and last-mile micromobility, in addition to various industrial applications.

The new Linear Labs facility will serve as an R&D center as well as a manufacturing location for producing electric motors through advanced processes, including automation that will evolve continuously as technology evolves in manufacturing. The Dark Factory methodology will be implemented to allow human-supervised robotic automation.
“Fort Worth is our home and we can see the strategic moves the city is making towards shaping its infrastructure into the next major technology hub,” said Linear Labs co-founder and CEO Brad Hunstable. “With world-renowned universities and creative businesses like Lockheed Martin, Bell Flight and American Airlines, the city provides a highly qualified talent pool. These resources, now combined with the city’s endorsement, shows us we have chosen the right place to build the foundation for our future.”

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