Govt mulls installing EV charging kiosks at around 69,000 petrol pumps

The government is mulling fixing a minimum of one electric vehicle (EV) charging kiosk each at nearly 69,000 petrol pumps across the country to induce people to travel for electric mobility.

Besides, the govt is additionally thinking of creating it compulsory to put in EV charging kiosks in the least Company-Owned, Company-Operated (COCO) petrol pumps of state refiners.

In a review meeting on EV charging infrastructure, Power Minister R K Singh suggested oil ministry, top officials, that “they may issue an order for his or her oil marketing companies (OMCs) under their administrative control for fixing charging kiosks in the least COCO petrol pumps”, a source said.

Other franchisee petrol pump operators can also be advised to possess a minimum of one charging kiosk at their fuel stations, the source said adding this may help achieve “EV charging facility within the least petrol pumps in the country”.

Under the new guidelines of the oil ministry, new petrol pumps must have an option of 1 alternative fuel.

“Most of the new petrol pumps are choosing electric vehicle charging facility under alternative fuel option. But it’ll make a huge difference when the prevailing petrol pumps would also install EV charging kiosks,” the source said.

According to the industry estimates, there are around 69,000 petrol pumps within the country. The EV charging facility in the least petrol pumps could boost e-mobility during a big way as lack of such infrastructure discourages people from buying EVs.

The power ministry has also chalked out an idea to specialise in Delhi capital Region, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Vadodara and Bhopal for creating EV charging infrastructure in cities also as on highways to encourage people to modify over to electric mobility.

The source said, “The minister is of the view that putting up two or three charging stations in any city would be a waste of funds. Besides, the central government is watching complete electrification of conveyance in Delhi, which may later be followed in other cities.”

Earlier in July, the facility ministry banned the import of kit (power) from prior reference nations (China and Pakistan).

The power minister directed officials within the meeting that no chargers shall be imported from prior reference countries as specified by the Ministry of Power, the source added.

Earlier, the facility ministry had also made testing mandatory for power equipment imported from prior reference nations to see for any quite embedded malware or trojans or cyber threat and for adherence to Indian standards.

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