Electric vehicle startup PURE EV goes global

CHENNAI: IIT Hyderabad-incubated startup PURE EV has entered its first international market with plans to launch its premium model ‘EPluto7G’ in Nepal by October 2020.

A unique aspect of this vehicle is that the battery and therefore the vehicle is designed and developed factoring within the gradient requirements of Nepal, PURE EV said.

The company’s expansion into Nepal is a component of a bigger strategy to export to international markets having predominantly two-wheeler mode of transportation for private mobility.

The startup said it’s also trying to find good distribution partners for other markets which will create an efficient channel network for vehicle sales and repair.

PURE EV is partnering with lotus Motors (WLM) for distribution of its EV two-wheelers in Nepal. WLM will establish two outlets within the capital city of Kathmandu.

“We are going to be expanding to other international markets also over the course of next year with particular specialise in South Asia, South East Asia and East African countries,” Rohit Vadera, CEO, PURE EV, said. “We shall begin with annual sales of 1,000 scooters [in Nepal] and have wider coverage within the top five cities of the country within a year,” he added.

PURE EV was incubated by IIT-Hyderabad. it’s an in-house battery manufacturing facility and a search setup based out of IIT-Hyderabad campus where the company’s dedicated R&D team works.

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