Digital Artists Imagining Maruti Omni To Be Futuristic Electric Vehicle

In the near future, a number of carmakers in India, such as Hyundai, Tata, Mahindra, etc., have announced their plans for electric cars. Although official outlets are generally not generous with details about their cars (with the exception of a few), the curiosity of people in them is growing. These days, many visual artists are busy dreaming something with wheels as an EV, and typically the effects are very fascinating.

Here we have some digitally rendered photographs of Maruti Omni, created by an Automotive Design student, Shashank Shekhar. He has pictured the Maruti van in its next-generation electric avatar, and the architecture of the vehicle is very cool. The Omni EV takes on a boxy silhouette, much like the old ICE-powered setup.




With incorporated LED DRLs, the front end of the car features rectangular LED headlamps. There is a Suzuki logo on the nose, and there is no front grille here, much as the original. Fog lamps are mounted low on the front bumper, and just above them, there’s a practical air dam. With Lead blinkers, the van also gets body-coloured ORVMs.

The car looks a touch longer from the side than the original. For the back, however, it still gets a sliding door along with black plastic cladding at the bottom. The van boasts short, cute looking alloy wheels. The LED taillights mimic the style of the headlights at the rear and have a red bar running between them horizontally.

This vehicle’s cabin has six seats, all forward-facing, which is far more realistic than the rear-facing second row of the original. The style of the black interior looks fantastic, and we’d love to see the interior rendering, too.

From 1984-2019, Maruti Omni had a manufacturing run of 35 years and was immensely successful in the Indian industry. It was a strong workhorse, with a reasonable price available. The Omni was discontinued in 2019 when safety rules were tightened in India. At the moment, Maruti Suzuki is not too keen on launching new electric vehicles in India, with the WagonR EV being the only one confirmed, except as a fleet vehicle. As such, we probably won’t get to see an electric Maruti Omni in the metal anytime soon.

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