Delhi government launches forum for successful implementation of EV policy

The Delhi government on Friday launched a forum to interact with stakeholders for the successful implementation of its recently launched electric vehicles policy.

The city government had notified its electric vehicles (EV) policy in August this year, aiming at having an electrical vehicle market share of 25 per cent across all new vehicle sales in Delhi by 2024, consistent with a politician statement.

The primary objective of the Delhi Electric Vehicles Policy, 2020 is to accelerate the pace of EV adoption across vehicle segments, especially within the mass category of two-wheelers, public/shared transport vehicles and goods carriers.

“Realising the vision of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to form Delhi the ‘EV capital of India’ requires the participation of all stakeholders, including original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), fleet operators, charging station energy operators and others. ,” Jasmine Shah, vice-chairperson, Dialogue and Development Commission (DDC) of the Delhi government said.

The DDC will host the Delhi EV Forum with the support of independent think factory, RMI India, working within the field of unpolluted energy and mobility.

The first meeting of the forum are going to be held virtually on December 18 to debate and understand challenges towards deployment of electrical vehicles and charging infrastructure, and identify potential solutions and gain commitments from private sector players to assist achieve the e-vehicle and charging infrastructure targets defined within the policy, Shah said.

“The Delhi EV Forum are going to be the primary such forum in India for continuous dialogue and engagement of stakeholders within the implementation of EV policy.

“Since the launch of Delhi’s electric vehicles policy, we’ve received an enthusiastic response from several stakeholders. Their concerns and suggestions are important and discussing them transparently at the Delhi EV Forum is that the best thanks to chart a joint roadmap for the successful implementation of the EV policy,” Shah said.

The Delhi EV Forum also will provide a platform for continuous engagement with a broad set of stakeholders to implement the Delhi EV policy through a series of quarterly meetings, he said.

Considering that the EV ecosystem is comparatively new and still within the initial stages of development, consultations and stakeholder discussions are expected to prove crucial within the early stages of implementation of the policy, the official said.

Think-tanks, civil society organisations (CSOs), OEMs, Charging Infrastructure Providers, fleet-aggregators, first and last-mile service providers, and government agencies would all be invited to participate in these workshops, he added.

“The government’s decision to make an EV Forum will go an extended way in ensuring that the policy achieves its targets by troubleshooting implementation barriers faced by early adopters of electrical vehicles,” Akshima Ghate of RMI India said.

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