AMPLY Power manages electric bus charging for SolTrans

AMPLY Power is managing the charging of electric buses for SolTrans, a public transportation provider for south Solano County, California. SolTrans operates both electric and CNG buses, and AMPLY’s hardware-agnostic, Charging-as-a-Service software solution will optimize energy use and fuel costs across vehicle types.

At SolTran’s depot, where the agency has four charging stations, AMPLY installed a cloud-based system that monitors charging status and power levels in real-time, minimizing utility demand charges by optimizing not only EV charging but other energy use also. for instance, when the CNG compressors activate, AMPLY’s system immediately reduces or suspends EV charging to make sure that increased power usage won’t trigger electricity demand charges.

Currently, the transit agency’s fleet includes four battery-electric buses, one CNG bus, and 21 diesel hybrid buses, also as two CNG paratransit vehicles, and 16 CNG vehicles in its SolanoExpress (intercity bus service) fleet.

“Today, almost 100,000 of our trips on local bus routes are operating with zero emissions,” said Elizabeth Patterson, Board Chairperson at SolTrans. “This electric growth for SolTrans meant that we had to create a process of managing these fleets while keeping costs down, and that’s where the AMPLY team came in. By its data-driven approach to operationalizing our electric fleet, AMPLY Power provides us with the arrogance to continue our growth into full electric deployment.”

“The AMPLY Power team helped us understand the way to collectively control our energy costs while still ensuring all of our electric and CNG buses are fueled and prepared to serve,” said Patricia Carr, General Services Manager at SolTrans. “Here in Vallejo, we’ve heard from many residents over their concerns about pollution. AMPLY’s technology helps us transition to zero-emission by 2032.”

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