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MahaMetro Joined With 8 Companies To Get Feeder Vehicles To Passengers

MahaMetro has joined with eight companies for giving feeder vehicles at its stations.A Metro official said that 50 bicycles and e-bicycles were available for hire at some Metro stations.The bicycles which is placed in metro station these are GPS enabled e-bicycle and it calculates the distance we have travelled on it and charges respectively.

The system of moving the bicycle is there is a panel on these cycles. We have to enter our mobile number and Aadhar card number in it. The system sends a one time password(OTP) to our mobile.When we enter the OTP the bicycle is unlocked and we can use it.

In future, the companies will also provide e-scooters, e-rickshaws and LPG rickshaws at stations. The aim is to provide last-mile connectivity to Metro users.

Currently these are available at Sitabuldi, Airport, Airport South and Khapri Metro stations.When Lokmanya Nagar line starts they will available at its stations too.These days using of electric vehicles and bicycles are increasing gradually.

When this project is complete they will start providing feeder buses from its stations which will be benificial for the passengers.

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