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Diode Motors Upcoming Trend in EV

It’s a boon for a coming generation that the electric vehicles in India are on the verge of making a difference in the automobile industry. Soon the Indian roads will be hit by some amazing cars and bikes which will be a clean energy source.Diode Motors is an Indian electric vehicle company established in 2019 with the support of ATechnos, on a mission to build a green vehicle that Indians can drive with AI and ION.

DM Ion 1.0

Diode Motors is available with 800W 30H Magnet (Equivalent to market 1000 watts) and Controller 12 Tube, 48/60V both compatible with E-ABS. The vehicle weight is 68 kg (Without battery) and it’s Loading capacity is  180KG.

The speed of the vehicle is 40-50 Kmph. Alloy rim 300-10. Front disc brake is 180 mm, rear Drum.

Rear Hydraulic shoucker is made in India and Front Hydraulic Shocker 29″ (30mm). It has LED Headlights, 3rd Gear Speed Change with reverse, High Quality 17-20 kg chassis, Digital Speedometer (LED), Anti-Theft System, Remote Lock, SRL Light (Audi Look) Feature.

Moreover, It has Tubeless Rims 90/100-10 JK Tyre Brand, Fresh ABS moulded body, Unbreakable PC lights, LiFeP04 (2000 Cycle Life)/ Lead Acid CompatibleMotor, Gradeability of 18″ (Height in the segment).

It is best in Class Mileage, High-Quality Paint with UV protection, Current Pricing with 48V 8Ah LiFeP04 Battery and USB Mobile Charger.

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